December, 2017 - Hillsborough Massage Therapy Newsletter

 Holiday Gift Purchases - Nothing could be easier!  Email or print a Gift Card for personal delivery.  Select at our website.  Or enter the following in your computer, iPad or smartphone:  Then, simply select any of the massages we offer or select a dollar amount, beginning as low as $25. Our website has more information, or call us at (908) 359-5777.  Everybody loves a massage.  The perfect Holiday gift.

Office Purchase - Weekdays, from Monday, December 11 through Saturday, December 23, we will be staffing the front desk for in-person Gift Card purchases between 11 am and 2 pm.  At other times, call first to make sure we are available.




Gift Cards:


You can also make, change, confirm or cancel appointments by email at: or by calling us at (908) 359-5777.

Referrals - Our Referral Program makes it easy to tell friends about us. They’ll save $10 on their first visit and you’ll get a $10 savings. Ask for a Referral Card each time you visit.

In a nutshell......

-       Stella attended a two day ACE Massage Cupping Workshop in November.  She is not yet offering this service but plans to soon.  We’ll keep you posted! For a brief explanation of cupping, see the article at We thank the NC Massage School for the explanation.  When you are in, ask Stella for an overview.

-       Gary had a bit of a setback late in November.  Although his back continues on the mend, he had a nasty bout with bronchitis.  He’s still limiting his availability through Schedulicity and suggests you email or call.  In addition, the Resolution Run 5K limits his time during November and December.  Our email is


Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day. We are closed.

Monday, Jan 1, 2018 – Resolution Run 5K, Hillsborough.  Hillsborough Massage Therapy’s Premiere Race.  Registration is now open for this event, which has sold out the past seven years.  Don’t miss the boat!  Quality Hoody.   Register Now!

Hillsborough Massage Therapy LLC is 7 Licensed Massage Therapists: Kathy D Letterman, Lisa Diemer, Pauline Gyllenhammer, Holly Lange, Stella Nieves, Debby Teal & Gary Verhoorn.

Hours:  Mon-Fri, 7:30 am-8 pm, Sat, 7:30 am-6 pm, Sun, 11 am-4 pm

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