January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!! We hope that your 2018 is a healthy and prosperous one!

The Resolution Run was held on January 1st. We are the main sponsors of this race. The weather was absolutely frigid but we had many people eager to get their 2018 off to a healthy start. Thanks to all the runners and volunteers who made this year a success despite the weather.

We usually reserve information about our therapists to our "In a Nutshell" section towards the end of the newsletter. However, we have 2 very important updates that we wanted to include in the body of the newsletter this month.

Gary had an altercation with his coffee table just before New Year's. As a result, he suffered a broken hip, had surgery, spent a few days in the hospital and is now home and recovering. He has been doing a little bit of behind the scenes office work and he even participated in a business meeting via phone, much like "Charlie" from "Charlie's Angels". We will keep you posted when we have an idea of when Gary will be returning to do massage. In the meantime, Gary encourages his clients to maintain their health and make an appointment with another therapist in our office. If anyone would like to send Gary any well wishes, please feel free to do so through the office and we will be sure he receives the messages.

Debby has retired from massage work as of December 31st. She will be devoting her weekends to time with her children and grandchildren, as well as doing fun stuff for herself. We are grateful for her friendship, loyalty and contributions to Hillsborough Massage Therapy over the 8 years she has been with us. She will be missed but we wish her well and hope she has fun with her extra weekend time.

Did you get a gift certificate for the holidays? Let's get you in here to use it!!! If you'd like to take advantage of our on line scheduling system, simply click the "Book Now" link at the bottom of this email. Or you can call the office and we'll be happy to get you on the schedule.

It's that time of year. Cold and Flu season. We request that you reschedule your appointment if you have cold or flu symptoms.


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January 15 Martin Luther King's Birthday. We are open!

February 14 Valentine's Day. Never too early to start thinking about gift certificates.


Hillsborough Massage Therapy LLC is 6 Licensed Massage Therapists: Kathy D Letterman, Lisa Diemer, Pauline Gyllenhammer, Holly Lange, Stella Nieves & Gary Verhoorn.

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