Are you getting ready for back to school?  Sending a child off to college for the first time?   It's a stressful time for everyone.  Consider a massage for you and/or your student before heading off to college.  Parents may need another massage after the drop off.  Lugging all that college gear into the dorm can be taxing on the body.

Don't have a college student you are sending off?  Has it been a long summer for you?  With all the rain we've had this summer you may be at your wit's end.  Take an hour for yourself and escape from all the badgering "Are we there yet?"  "I'm bored."  "He touched me."  "Why can't my 5 friends sleep over?"  "Why are you mad Mom?  It's just a little frog in my pocket."   Yes.....we can help you escape from it all.  

Just click on "Schedule Now" link on the web site or give us a call at the office and you'll be on your way to a 60 minute vacation.  


Modality Focus:  

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage


Lisa is celebrating the recent birth of her first grandchild!  Sophia Lynn was born 6 weeks early on July 26th.  She is healthy and thriving well.  The doctors said she could spend anywhere from 2-5 weeks in the hospital.  She was in a rush to get into the world and she was in a rush to get home as well.  She was released from the hospital on August 5th at just 10 days old.  Sophia's Mom and Dad are doing well.  What better time to focus on Prenatal and Postpartum Massage!  


Prenatal massage is given during the pregnancy and is a wonderful addition to the expectant mother’s prenatal care.  Many Moms experience backaches, headaches, swelling, cramping and other discomforts as their body changes to accommodate the little baby that is developing in the womb.   Massage can help alleviate many of these symptoms, as well as relieve some stress and tension felt by many expectant moms.  


During prenatal massage, special care is taken to be sure that Mom is in a comfortable and safe position. Appropriate bolstering is used to ensure Mom’s comfort and necessary support of her belly.  


Massage after the birth of the baby (postpartum)  can be beneficial in relieving some of that “new mom” stress, but can also help  decrease swelling.  Mom’s body has been through a lot and many times there are aches and pains in the shoulders and hips and legs that can be helped with postpartum massage.  Massage after baby's birth can help Mom's body return to normal and may also help with milk production.

Our Therapist Kathy has advanced training in Prenatal Massage and is also a trained Doula (childbirth assistant).  She has a vast array of experience working with expectant and new Moms.  Please call the office to schedule your Pre-natal or Post-partum Massage. We will be happy to help you with any concerns you may have.  



Meet the Muscle:  The Soleus



The soleus muscle is located in the back of the lower leg.  It runs from just below the knee to the heel.  It is closely tied into the gastrocnemius muscle, which is also in the back of the lower leg (but is located closer to the skin).  


The soleus muscle helps with walking, dancing and running.  It’s main job is to help with the “push off” motion when you walk (plantar flexion).  


This muscle is also known as “the second heart”.  It has the very important job of helping to pump blood back to the heart from the legs.  It’s very important when sitting for a long period of time that you get up from time to time and walk around so that the soleus muscle works and can help to keep blood flowing.  If you cannot stand up and walk around then you can also pump your foot back and forth as if you are stepping on the gas pedal and this will help pump that blood back to the heart.

Whether you sit a lot, are a runner or work on your feet all day, your lower leg can benefit from massage and stretching to help keep you healthy and your body performing as it should.  All of our therapists at Hillsborough Massage Therapy can work with you to keep the muscles of the lower leg in tip-top shape.