Hillsborough Massage Therapy LLC was formed in January, 2004 and consisted of two therapists doing outcalls (massages at client’s homes), working out of a Jeep.  In August, 2004, two rooms on Omni Drive in Hillsborough were rented and our first massages took place there.  We added a third therapist at this time.  We quickly added additional clients and started to outgrow the two rooms. 

In November, 2004, we moved into our current location, 601A Omni Drive, where we occupy five treatment rooms.  Also in November, 2004, we added a fourth therapist.  As we grew, a fifth, sixth and seventh therapist were added.

Our motto has always been “The Very Best In Massage” and we strive to fulfill that goal on a daily basis.  Each therapist is Licensed by the State of New Jersey.  Hillsborough Massage Therapy LLC is Licensed by the Division of Consumer Affairs as a Massage and Bodywork Provider, Certification #18KT002263000.  All therapists have additional certifications as outlined in their biographies. 

Each of us has membership in a professional massage association.  We operate as a partnership.

All therapists take continuing education to maintain our licenses and certifications and to maintain and expand our knowledge of massage.